Tibetan Handmade Paper Industry
Tibetan Handmade Paper Industry

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Tibetan Handicraft & Paper P. Ltd.
(Manufacturer & Exporter)
Kapan VDC-2, Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O. Box No.: 10527
Tel No.: 977.01.4820728
Fax No.: 977.01.4820727
E-mail: thi@wlink.com.np

Our Sister Concern
Samten Memorial Education Academy
G.P.O Box.: 10527, Kapan - 2 Kathmandu, Nepal

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Tibetan Handmade Paper & HandicraftTibetan Handicraf & Paper Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and exports handmade Lokta paper and its products. It began providing quality services to its valued customers in 1995 under the name Tibetan Handicraft Industries and since 2006 under its current title. Tibetan Handicraft & Paper supports a sister institution, Samten Memorial Education Academy, to provide quality education for free for our employee's children and at an affordable rate for other students in the area. We produces 100% Handmade product from Lokta Paper, and remain ever dedicated to our nearly 100 employees in Kathmandu and the hundreds of families across Nepal that produce the paper we use. We are also proud that the majority of employees are women.
Features of Handmade Lokta Paper
Lokta paper is fine textured, strong, heat resistant, and durable. The paper has a rough but attractive deckled edge. In ancient times the paper is used for writing Mantras, Sutras, and Buddhist epics... Read more »
Our Objectives
Through the production of a wide variety of high quality handmade lokta paper products, we aim to improve the Nepalese standard of living in rural and urban areas by providing low-income families meaningful employment opportunities... Read more »

A Broad Base

The company was established in 1995 by three cousins from Dolkha District—Nima Sherpa, Nimto Sherpa, and Samten Lama—who sought to ensure that villagers like themselves could have a better livelihood… Read more >>


Tibetan Handicrafts & Paper supports community-based development from the bottom up by providing work and education that empowers marginalized families around Nepal... read more>>

Social Contributions

A. Cooperating Gauri Shannkar Secondary School, operated by Bigu VDC of Dolkha District, with the provision of Salary for Grade Eight Science teacher for the fiscal year 2007/08.
Along with cooperating with different programmes on upgrading the life style of people of that villeage.

B. In that school, now 400 students are studying with only eight teachers, hence require more teachers and other logistic further requirements is for equipments & computers for this course poractical part.

News & Events

We are just finishing a new extension of our workshop giving us more space for production and storage.
We will soon release a short video about making lokta paper!

We are currently trying to gain approval for Samten School to have grade 9