Tibetan Handmade Paper Industry
Tibetan Handmade Paper Industry

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Tibetan Handicraft & Paper P. Ltd.
(Manufacturer & Exporter)
Kapan VDC-2, Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O. Box No.: 10527
Tel No.: 977.01.4820728
Fax No.: 977.01.48200043
E-mail: thi@wlink.com.np

Our Sister Concern
Samten Memorial Education Academy
G.P.O Box.: 10527, Kapan - 2 Kathmandu, Nepal

News & Events

We are just finishing a new extension of our workshop giving us more space for production and storage.
We will soon release a short video about making lokta paper!

We are currently trying to gain approval for Samten School to have grade 9

Our Products     • Handmade Lokta sheet paper

Handmade Lokta sheet paper

Natural and Chemical colors:

We use saffron, indigo, pomegranate skin, rhubarb, the inner part of the acacia tree, and walnut skin to dye our papers in soft natural tones. We also sprinkle sheets with flower petals and mint leaves, radish, chili, and other seeds. We silkscreen ornamental patterns on our sheets including traditional Tibetan motifs like gold and silver imprints of the Bodhi leaf, bamboo, flowers, and wave patterns. We produce beautiful boxes in combinations of color and design that incorporate hemp, bone, and wood closures. Our incense and altar sets radiate the aura of Tibetan Buddhism. We also mount Thangkas (mandala paintings) on our handmade paper.

  • Handmade Paper Pro
  • White handmade sheet paper
  • Naturally dyed handmade sheet paper
  • Artificially dyed handmade sheet paper
  • Ecologically oriented designs on sheet paper–flower and leaf combinations
  • Tie dyed sheet paper
  • Seeds, straw, and leaf combinations
  • Natural splotch paper
  • Wood block and silk screen printed paper
  • Gold and silver patterns, butterflies, and Bodhi leaf
  • prints, on natural or artificially dyed sheets
  • Natural and artificially dyed deckled edge sheet paper
  • Envelopes, notebooks, and boxes of handmade paper
  • Plain and dyed recycled commercial sheet, laid and bamboo texture

All our products are available both in natural and artificial colors:

Since all our products are handmade, we provide a lot of employment opportunities to people not machines. Directly or indirectly over a thousand underprivileged people in both rural and urban Nepal benefit from our work.

We also export other handicrafts like kashmir shawls, Tibetan incense, incense candles, and much more. Please contact us with your requirements and place your sample order.